THE 2011 RED SOX AS OF 4/17

The 4-10 Boston Red Sox have tied the franchises worst start in history. With 142 million dollar left fielder Carl Crawford batting a .137 and only has one RBI and no home runs, Crawford is hearing a wave of bos that he has never heard as a ray. Crawford says that things are only going to get better but this sounds doubtful after sundays game the silver slugger award winner went 0 for 4. Crawford is not the only reason the Sox are in a slump. The team averages .230 batting and are 23rd overall with runs (50).  Jacoby Ellsbury leads the Red Sox in home runs with three. Things could start turning around for the Sox though, the Sox won two in a row following sundays game. This is the longest winning streak of the season winning 8-1 over Toronto Blue jays.Crawford said in his ESPN diary “You may be surprised that the mood in the clubhouse is still good. You would think it would be a terrible mood, but it’s actually not. It’s the same thing with guys being loose and comfortable. We still feel like we’re going to win every time we go out there.” Boston was predicted to win the World Series, however they are are 30th overall in team ERA (6.32) major improvements need to be made both in hitting and pitching if the Red Sox want to follow the dream of being World Series champions.

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